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Winter is a magical time of year to be a photographer and to be photographed.

Many people want their family portrait photography in Summer, Spring or Autumn. And  I can’t blame them.  These other seasons typically have great weather conditions and it’s nice to be out and about.

So what is it about winter that makes it a perfect time of year for pictures?  The more time I spend out with my camera in the winter, the more I fall in love with what this special time of year has to offer, especially when the winters are as mild (and even warm) as the past few weeks have been in Sydney. There is something calming and beautiful about winter.  Add this to the fact that the light can be truly magical.

So, if you are still second guessing whether you think winter is a good season to get some pictures taken, I hope this post will encourage you.  Give it a chance.   There is no right or wrong when it comes down to which season offers the best portrait opportunities.  I love them all,  but winter is increasingly becoming one of my favourites.

And here is one of my favourite families from this wonderful winter season.


So if you too want to get out and about for some winter family photography fun contact me today.

What sensational Winter weather. I love that I have fun families like this that are happy to venture out for a family photography session at the beach.

I know, it’s June, and yes, it is getting chilly most days and definitely at night, but I for one love photos at this time of year! Especially on days like we had on Sunday.

It was a bit windy, hair was blowing and swirling all over the place, but the light was absolutely beautiful. The Winter sun provides the most beautiful diffuse light over everything.  So, if you were thinking of waiting for a spring session, rethink!

Winter sessions can be so much fun.  Just like this one was!