…gift cards for you





“When I first held you in my arms,
 if only I’d have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown.”






Hi, and thanks for making the time to visit. The years certainly do feel like moments!

Imagine Photography is 7 years old this month and I feel  like celebrating.

Today I went back and had a look today at the lovely clients who have been with me from the start. I loved looking at the babies, toddlers and children I have photographer over the years and wondered how they have grown and changed.

So I decided that you’d get a birthday present from Imagine Photography.

I have some beautiful new $50 gift cards and I’d like you to have one (and another one!).

There are no strings attached/no conditions on these cards – use them both, give one away and keep one for yourself, give them both away to friends or family or keep them until the time is right.

All you have to do is confirm your mailing address (it’s been a while and you may have moved) and I’ll pop them both in the mail to you.